Admission Process
All students need an original and current immunization record.  A complete physical examination is required for all new students to Florida schools before they will be accepted for the school year.  New students may also be tested to determine appropriate grade placement and ability to perform at the specified grade level.  NACS is unable at this time to offer special education or remedial courses.

All students are subject to approval for admission by the NACS School Board upon admittance.

2021-2022 NACS Student School Supply List
Click here for the 2021-2022 NACS Student School Supply List.

Return to School Plan in Response to COVID-19
Please download and read our Return to School Plan.

Admission/School Forms
(All forms are in PDF format and are viewed with Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your system, click here to download the free
Adobe Reader

To download or print a form, click on its link below.
2021-2022 NACS Welcome Back Parent Letter
2021-2022 NACS School Calendar
2021-2022 NACS Open Enrollment Checklist
2021-2022 NACS Prospective Student Information Form
2021-2022 NACS Enrollment Application for NEW Students
2021-2022 NACS Enrollment Application for Returning Students
2021-2022 NACS Student Emergency Information Form
2021-2022 NACS Fee Schedule & Financial Contract
2021-2022 NACS Request For Records
2021-2022 NACS Uniform Guide Brochure
2021-2022 NACS Pastor Recommendation Form
2021-2022 NACS Teacher Recommendation Form
NACS Student Handbook

Tuition & Fees
The Naples Seventh-day Adventist Church shares our world church's commitment to Christian education and has operated NACS for over 30 years.  (Florida Pride scholarships, State VPK funding and other financial assistance may be available.)  


Admission applications require the family to be in full harmony with the standards of Christian education and strive to cheerfully endeavor to abide by the principles of the school.  Membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not required but is understood that everyone applying for admission pledges to observe the policies of the school.

Student entering Kindergarten need to be five (5) years old by August 15th.

Student entering 1st Grade need to be six (6) years old by August 15th.

Uniform/Dress Code
Please refer to the Student Handbook for all dress code details.  
*Our school uniform is khaki 'Docker' style pants or knee-length shorts/skorts, skirts or jumpers along with a red, navy, or white polo shirt with our school logo. (Logo information can be obtained from the principal.) Shoes or sneakers are to be brown or black. Jackets are to be navy. (If you are interested in ordering a school jacket or sweater with the logo or paying for the logo to be placed on your purchased sweater or jacket, please contact the office at 239-261-6227.)

P.E. Uniforms must be worn for P.E. class. Samples of the sizes for the P.E. shorts and shirts will be available on Registration/Orientation Day. Orders can be placed for two (2) shirts and one (1) pair of shorts at NO Charge for students on the Step Up For Students Scholarship. For those not on the scholarship, $7.00 per shorts & shirt set will be charged

*Students need to be in uniform Monday - Thursday.  Students who have been in uniform during the week may 'dress down' on Fridays for a $1 contribution to their class fund.

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

MSA-CESS accredits preK-12 public, private, parochial, charter, non-degree granting career and technical post-secondary institutions, special purpose schools, supplementary education centers, learning services providers, and distance education institutions.