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CAUTION: Brain exposed to reading

Our Curriculum

NACS's curriculum is compiled by the Florida Conference of Education and is recognized nationally for its excellence.
For more information, see our full curriculum at:

Language Arts

Wit & Wisdom is a comprehensive, integrated approach to literacy instruction. It is not only interested in developing excellent readers and writers that can express themselves in a variety of ways, but also civically minded students that know about the world around them, its history, its triumphs and challenges.



Big Ideas is a comprehensive math program built on the best practices outlined in the most prominent and widely accepted educational research. It empowers students to grow as independent learners and experience the delight of mathematics.


ByDesign Science is innovative and multi-dimensional in content and organization by offering a balanced and integrated development of science and health. This strong foundational model is used to promote inquiry-based learning and to stimulate a natural desire for knowledge and better understanding of God's creation.


Social Studies

This U.S. and World History curriculum brings the sweep of historical events into focus as people, issues and events come to life for our students.

Fine Arts & Physical Education

This curriculum takes a holistic approach which includes a focus on the integrative nature of spiritual, mental, physical, and social development.



Technology is part of the delivery and practice in every subject area. The technology standards support digital learning, digital fluency, and digital citizenship, and are intentionally designed to give students opportunities to learn about the digital world, to facilitate personalized inquiry, and to prepare for a life of service.

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