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This Week's Green Note - April 10, 2023

NACS 1st International Day Coming Soon...

NACS Picture Day is Wednesday, April 19. NACS Sabbath is April 29.


It Won’t Be Long Now It’s hard to believe that it is April already; by the time you know it, we will be entering into summer break and wishing everyone the best. Until then, there are a few items on our agenda that need to be accomplished. One being, International Day. NACS would like to have its first International Day. We are tentatively planning this for Sunday, May 14. Each class has chosen a country to study. The classrooms and hallways will be decorated to represent the various countries; and our families will be asked to come to the school and do a walk through. A big part of our day will consist of our families bringing in food items that represent the country being studied.

As of right now, these are the countries being studied:

PreK/K Caribbean Islands

Grades 1-2 China

Grade 3-4 Mexico

Grades 5-8 Italy

Say Cheese Finding a professional photographer has been a real challenge for us this year. Praise God, just when we thought we would have to use our cell phones to take school pictures, Carrey Smith of The Barkley Group, came to our rescue in the nick of time. Picture Day will be Wednesday, April 19. This will include pictures for the graduates in kindergarten and eighth grade. Please mark your calendars.

NACS Sabbath NACS Sabbath is right around the corner. We are extra excited about this event because we have a number of students who have decided to give their lives to Christ. The Bible says there is joy before the angels over one sinner who repents. We praise God, for we have eight young souls who said “Yes” to the Savior’s free gift. Imagine the excitement in Heaven on Saturday, April 29.


Weekly Scripture

But the angel said, “Don’t be alarmed. You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth,

who was crucified. He isn't here! He is risen form the dead!

Look, this is where they laid his body.”

Mark 16:6 (NLT)

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