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This Week's Green Note - March 7, 2022

Economics Marketplace

Ms. Robinson's first and second graders opened their own marketplace! Read all about it!


Hello NACS Family,

The year is quickly coming to an end, before we know it, May will be knocking at the door. As we move into a new quarter please encourage your child/children to finish strong. If they have homework, check over it for them. Use the Parent Portal to not only check their grades but give your child/children access to those grades as well. When students are able to see their progress on a weekly basis it makes them more accountable for their grades. At NACS we want every child to do their best and thrive.

Speaking of doing well, Ms. Robinson’s class opened their own market last Friday. But don’t take my words for it, let’s have Ms. Robinson tell it in her own words:

"The first and second graders have been studying economics and how it affects our way of life.

On Friday, we facilitated a simulation of a marketplace in the classroom where the children became producers and consumers. It was a sight to see. The students talked to the consumers who came to their shops about their products, explained how they worked, and even tried to convince them to buy their products. Some of the students realized that their product prices were too high, so they lowered the price to attract consumers.

We have not yet gone into depth about supply and demand, but they seem to have caught on.

This week, we will be hosting another simulation with producers and consumers, emphasizing the supply and demand of goods.

They are enjoying this unit immensely."

Super-awesome first and second graders!


Weekly Scripture

“Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heard, with fasting and weeping and mourning.”

(Joel 2:12)

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