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This Week's Green Note - October 10, 2022

To God Be the Glory

Thank you to all who helped us clean up after the hurricane!


Hello NACS family,

As I look around at the catastrophe that Hurricane Ian left behind, I cannot help but give God the praise, honor and glory for the mercies that he has bestowed on us. The majority of our NACS families experienced little or no flooding. Although, some lost power, they were all back on within a week. Our school neighborhood flooded, but our school was kept safe and dry. The testimonies that resulted from this hurricane are numerous, and I know there are still more to tell, and for that I give God the glory.

How fortunate for us that our Fall Week of Prayer is scheduled for this month. Our Week of Prayer will begin October 17th. This is a change from October 11th-14th. Richard New a pastor and former educator will be ministering to the students. With the weather event of the past week, what our students need now more than ever is a word from the Lord. We ask that you keep our students in prayer that the Holy Spirit will work on their hearts and mind.

The Florida Conference held their Constituency Meeting this weekend to select the new leaders of the conference. The delegates that attended the meeting unanimously voted to keep the existing leadership team. The Florida Conference is financially sound with a growing membership of young people. Again, to God be the glory.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to those who came out to help us clean up after the hurricane. I praise God for all the wonderful individuals He blessed us with.


Weekly Scripture

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

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