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New Process to Order NACS Uniforms


The uniform ordering process has been amended. As you may know, Naples Adventist Christian School (NACS) is continually making improvements to better serve your child(ren) and to ensure increased student achievement.

Parents, we need your support and partnership to ensure that your child(ren) will be prepared, equipped, and dressed in the appropriate attire that is in accordance with our school mission and vision for day-to-day regular school activities whether off-site or on-site. Therefore, we ask that you adhere to the instructions and guidelines stated in the NACS Uniform Brochure Guide.

How to Order NACS Uniform Shirts, Sweats and P.E. Sets:

1. NACS Uniform Ordering will now take place online through the NACS Uniform Store link: (courtesy of United Uniforms - Sew Shore)

3. Select item(s) of choice, add to cart and check-out.

4. Customer supplied shirts are no longer accepted. All uniform shirts and sweats are to be purchased from the NACS Uniform Store link:

5. Khaki pants, skirts and skorts are to be purchased on your own from other stores as they are not available at the NACS Uniform store. Please follow the attached Uniform Brochure Guide to adhere to NACS Uniform Guidelines.

6. Email or call NACS office at 239-261-6227 with any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your continued support!

Click the download button to open the NACS Uniform Brochure Guide.


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